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TRT Treatment UK

About the TRT Treatment UK

Project Alphas Finger Prick Blood tests offer a full blood panel screening. We look at all aspects of your hormonal health to try and pinpoint exactly how we can help and to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Our tests look at both total and free testosterone. Total testosterone is an indicator of the total amount of testosterone in the blood, if your levels are too low it can cause symptoms of testosterone deficiency such as low sex drive, depression, anxiety and reduced muscle mass. Free Testosterone is the amount of testosterone free in the blood which is able to be utilised by the body.

A man can have high total testosterone with low free testosterone and will experience the same symptoms as someone with low total testosterone, this is why it is important we test for both total and free testosterone to offer a thorough clinical assessment.

Our Blood tests also check your SHBG, full blood count (FBC) and lipids to ensure you have optimal all-round health.


TRT Treatment UK
TRT Treatment UK

Meet our clinical lead, Dr Steve Liggins

MB, BCh, BDS, BSc(hons), FDSRCS, FRCS (General Surgery) FRCS (Maxillofacial Surgery)

Dr Liggins leads the clinical team at Project Alpha. He holds an honours degree in Biochemistry and is a Consultant surgeon with over 35 years of experience as a clinician and clinical lead.

He began his career at the Royal Navy in 1984 achieving the rank of Surgeon Commander before retiring from the Royal Navy to take up a Senior Consultant post at the Queen Elizabeth hospital University of Birmingham.

Since leaving military service he has worked as a visiting Consultant Surgeon at both private and NHS hospitals in the UK and abroad. He is a surgical trainer for surgeons in training.



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