The connection between testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction

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7th Sep 2022
By: Project Alpha Team

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Testosterone is an important hormone that is responsible for male sexual development – although it does also serve a function in all sexes.

However, just because testosterone is important, it doesn’t mean that every man’s body will produce as much of the hormone as it needs.

When your body doesn’t produce the right amount of testosterone, you may notice a range of different symptoms, including erectile dysfunction.


What causes testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency is something that men may experience as part of the natural aging process, but it could also be something you’re affected by since birth.

Essentially, testosterone deficiency may be caused by the testicles not being able to produce the acceptable amount of testosterone. It can also be caused by being overweight, or due to physical illness, surgery, or emotional stress.

According to a study in Europe, 2 in 100 men aged 40–79 are affected by testosterone deficiency, and 5 in 100 men aged 70–79.


Can low testosterone cause erectile dysfunction?

Low testosterone can have a big impact on a man’s body; lowering sexual desire and decreasing the chance of having spontaneous or sexual-related erections.

This is because testosterone can influence erections on two levels. In your central nervous system (CNS), testosterone can push your CNS to release neurotransmitters that help you achieve an erection.

Similarly, testosterone can also stimulate your spinal nerves which result in changes in your blood vessels, which can help you achieve and maintain an erection.

Although there are some links that would suggest low levels of testosterone can have an impact on your ability to achieve an erection, it’s not always the case. Some men are able to have normal erections, even if their testosterone levels fall well below the average.

People with low testosterone levels normally experience other health conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, which can all also play a role in erectile dysfunction.


How to manage low testosterone?

Having low testosterone levels is something that many men have to experience during their life, but there are plenty of ways to increase your levels – especially if it’s getting in the way of your sex life and contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a popular option for many men who are feeling the effects of low testosterone. If you’d like to find out more about how TRT can help with erectile dysfunction, take our online testosterone test.

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